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These are some of our completed projects 
  1. Red Riding Hood Redo
    Red Riding Hood Redo
    Special powers: Hood rises when it rains. Skirt lights up and pulses, an electroluminescent panel with laser cut tree lights up symbolizing hope in the dark forest.
  2. Nautilus Dress
    Nautilus Dress
    Special powers: Lights pulse as you walk and proximity sensors make L.E.D.s light up when something is close to you.
  3. OZ Dress
    OZ Dress
    Special powers: A modern interpretation of the tin man, with handmade L.E.D tornado beads and lights that pulse to music.
  4. Aurora
    Special powers: A modern interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. With an electroluminescent panel and cord and a heart rate sensor connected to aurora lights
Videos and Radio Interviews


Girls, Robots, and The Importance of Mentors

3, 12, 2017

10, 6th, 2017

Being creative and innovative sometimes just takes the courage to colour outside the lines. From the age of 8, young inventor Lauren Voisin has been taking things apart and putting them back together in ever more innovative ways, and takes us through how she came to start the Robots Are Fun organization to encourage other youth to similarly explore their capabilities for leadership, creativity, and innovation.
Walrus Talks
TEDx Calgary

Geeky Sumit CBC Interview

2, 16, 2016

The "Geeky Summit" celebrates technology and entrepreneurship at Telus Spark. Kylie Toh founded the summit and the Calgary non-profit Chic Geek.

The sky is not the limit any more...

Welcome To The First Day Of Work For The Class Of 2025

3, 07, 2017


Calgary Arts Development
This year’s high school freshmen will graduate on the front lines of a rapidly changing economy. How are they preparing to head straight into the AI revolution?
Fast Company